About Our Show

In a world that strives to showcase the richness of the human experience yet struggles to face the truth, members of Studio 212 set out to devise a piece based on film noir's Double Indemnity. Will the inclination to make idealized art in an imperfect world cause conflict amongst young artists? Greed, relationships, factures, leaders, followers. All of that. This is a story about theatre people and the death of their dreams. Want to know who killed my theatre company? Me. And I'm going to tell you how.

 Accidentally On Purpose is a collaborative devised and physical theatre project inspired by the classic noir film Double Indemnity. Come join us as we explore themes of self-expression and the femme fatale.

About Our Process

Our company first started finding our footing for this piece back in August of 2023. Since then, we have explored themes of the 1944 film that stand out, and played with the idea of applying them to a 21st century modern retelling. How do these themes carry over in the present day? How are they similar? Different? In what ways has human expression evolved over the past 80 years? We have explored a plethora of these proposals through movement sequences, lighting, shadow play, etc. to enhance our story and deliver a powerful impact.

What is Devised Theatre?

We like to think of it as an umbrella term. The concept of devising theatre can be hard to pinpoint. In a nutshell, it can be defined as taking traditional forms of theatre and thinking outside of the box.

It steers less towards training performers and more toward creating artists. Finding the originality within storytelling through a collective and collaborative ENSEMBLE. 

Examples of devising theatre include...